Yves Bissouma Now Shares How He Really Feels About Antonio Conte

The Antonio Conte era at Tottenham Hotspur may not be etched in the club’s history as a period of glory. The Italian tactician left a divisive mark, alienating several talented players during his tenure. One player who found himself on the fringes under Conte’s management was Yves Bissouma, a £25 million acquisition for Spurs. The midfielder struggled to secure playing time under Conte’s guidance, with the manager seemingly unable to unlock his full potential.

Since the arrival of Ange Postecoglou, however, the narrative surrounding Bissouma has taken a positive turn. The midfielder has undergone a remarkable transformation, showcasing his true capabilities on the pitch. Recently, Bissouma took to Tottenham’s YouTube channel to provide insight into his experience under Conte and his newfound form under Postecoglou.

During the interview, Bissouma openly discussed his differences with Conte and the impact it had on his time at Tottenham. Despite the challenges, the Malian midfielder expressed a deep sense of respect for Conte, acknowledging the role the Italian played in facilitating his move to the club.

In his own words, Bissouma revealed, “There was a coach who didn’t see football the same way as you and that didn’t help? Yes, yes, of course. It’s true there was a coach, who I owe respect to because he helped me sign with Tottenham, we didn’t see football the same way. But he was the coach, the boss, and I have always shown him respect, even now.”