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“Your sources are not very good” – Former Tottenham defender takes a jab at Sky Sports after Harry Kane announces he’s staying


The Harry Kane saga has reached its conclusion with the 28-year-old announced that he’d remain with Tottenham Hotspur past the summer transfer deadline.

All summer, Kane saw his name connected with Manchester City, the only team that could probably offer to meet the London-based club’s asking price. Football shows all over gobbled up this rumor as it hit overdrive following the UEFA Euros and Kane missing days of training.

Following the striker’s decision to remain, club legend Former Tottenham defender Graham Roberts took a victory lap on Twitter and aimed his comments at Sky Sports pundits, who he says for months were saying Kane would depart.

Roberts went on to say that these people should look for new jobs considering their sources failed to provide them with the correct information.

“All those pundits on Sky Sports who for three months have done nothing but say Harry Kane will leave Tottenham, you all need to get a new job as your sources are not very good. Well done, Harry Kane; you are loved by every fan at,” Roberts said.

Kane will now be part of a Tottenham squad that has won its first two fixtures and is off on the right foot as it looks to win some silverware and qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season.

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