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“You would say Daniel Levy has broken a gentleman’s agreement” Pundit says Kane will not sign a new Tottenham deal


Harry Kane will not sign a new Tottenham contract under any condition after feeling let down by the club, reckons Kevin Phillips.

The striker told Tottenham that he wanted to leave at the end of last season and had hoped to join Manchester City in the summer transfer window.

However, Spurs played hardball with the Premier League champions and refused to allow their top man to leave them.

Kane appeared to be trying to force a transfer when he failed to return for preseason at the agreed-upon date.

His failed transfer was the main talking point of this summer transfer window, but he eventually stayed in a huge win for Spurs.

The striker told TalkSport that he has no regrets over his failed transfer and has a clear conscience as he now looks to help Spurs in another campaign.

Former Sunderland man, Phillips believes if Kane’s conscience is clear then it means truly there must have been a gentleman agreement between him and Daniel Levy.

He reckons the striker will not sign a new contract and would instead look for a move away again in the next summer.

He told Football Insider: “I heard what he said and yeah, reading between the lines, you would say Daniel Levy has broken a gentleman’s agreement. If Kane is sleeping easy at night he is obviously laying the blame somewhere else.

“We don’t know the facts but to hear that from Harry says a lot. I’m pretty sure he is hinting towards a gentleman’s agreement being broken.

“Harry may not be happy about it but he won’t throw his toys out of the pram. He will knuckle down and do what he does best which is score goals.

“We will see what happens come the summer. I don’t see him signing a new deal. I think he’ll be angling for a move again next summer. I’d be very surprised if he extended.”