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‘Will free up space in the lineup’ – O’Hara believes the £22-million star is in danger of dropping out

    Jamie O’Hara told Sky Sports News that Tottenham striker Son Heung-Min is likely to lose his place in the London club’s starting lineup.

    By his standards, the South Korean player has not enjoyed a very good start to the season and he has not yet managed to hit the opponent’s goal, which many people are concerned about.

    Transferred from Bayer Leverkusen for £22 million in 2016, the 30-year-old has been a key player in any system of different coaches of the team.

    Last season was a special one for the 30-year-old as Son won the Golden Boot, proving once again his importance at the club.

    But O’Hara believes that the Italian specialist should think about replacing the South Korean with the club’s newcomer Richarlison in the next Spurs game.

    “It might be Son [who should be dropped for Richarlison],” he said.

    “I feel for Son a little bit because Son actually played ok yesterday, he played well and he had some chances.

    “But it’s just not dropping for him, the chances are just not quite there and you can see he’s hungry and he’s trying to make it work.

    “But sometimes when you’ve been a top-scorer, then the next season you’re expected to be top-scorer again and all of a sudden you have three or four games where it doesn’t happen, you start snatching at things.”

    Riсharlison showed himself well when he was first in the starting lineup for the match against Fulham, where he gave an assist and managed to score a goal, which, after viewing the VAR, was canceled. His prolific performance in that game gives more and more headache for Antonio Conte.

    The goalless Son and the impressive Riсharlison are competing for a place in the starting lineup. O’Hara thinks it’s time for Conte to release the 25-year-old Brazilian instead of Son, who noticeably is not fit.

    Nevertheless, Son’s drought has nothing to do with his footballing qualities, and the South Korean could wake up at any moment and catch the rhythm in which he will spend the rest of the season.