Why some Welsh clubs play in English Leagues


Ever wonder why such Welsh clubs as Cardiff and Swansea are participating in the English football competitions rather than, competing within their national championships? The reason is rooted deep within the history of establishment of professional football associations in the UK and Football Geeks will geek it out for you today.

Even though the Welsh Club Wrexham and the Football Association of Wales are the third-oldest football organizations of their kind in the world, being established in 1864 and 1876 respectively, the country did not have its own football league for more than a century. This could be explained by the dominant popularity of rugby in the South of Britain, which prevented rapid growth of football clubs. Only those cities located in the north Western region of Wales, which bordered with England took serious interest in the sport. Among them was Wrexham, which for the lack of worthy opposition at home chose to participate in the neighboring English league. And soon Cardiff, Swansea and other clubs followed this example.

Since then the level of Welsh football has improved and even the FAW or the Football Association of Wales was formed in 1992 and requested Welsh clubs to compete within its system. However, Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham and Newport County, which at that time were the most successful in England as well as many others declined the invitation and ignored the bans attempted for the forceful participation.

For the time being, both Welsh and English football remain intertwined and we will still be seeing Welsh football teams participating in the English system championships. But since both systems currently have the opportunity to advance to the European competitions like Champions League, we might see some of the teams returning to the home fields in the future.