Why football players wear black bras during training sessions?


Over the past years, you probably saw how the players of your favorite team began to wear strange black vests, which slightly look like a bra and, to put it mildly, look rather funny. Who has introduced this fashion?

Most likely, you have already thought that the matter is in high technologies. And basically, you are right. This is the GPS device for monitoring the performance of athletes, which provides a huge amount of useful information. Such devices track not only basic indicators such as distance or speed, but also more advanced ones:

– the number of accelerations or the movements with low speed
– impact of tackles on a player
– fatigue index
– correct positioning of steps and weight distribution between them
– level of adaptation to additional loads
– distance covered at maximum speed
– periods of time spent in the red zone, that is, with a maximum heartbeat and many others.

The principle of operation of the system is quite simple. A matchbox-sized tracker is placed between the shoulders of a football player in a special vest. Real-time data is transmitted to portable stations that process the information and send it to coaching staff’s computers. Then, this data is used for the individual adjustment of the training process.

There are several major players on the market, but over the past two years, Irish STATsports has moved into the leaders. The company was set up in 2008, and initially they worked with amateur teams. But over time, they attracted the attention of larger sharks. If a few years ago, STATsports trackers were used mostly by top clubs, such as Manchester United, Juventus, and Barcelona, now they are used by hundreds of European clubs of different leagues.

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