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West Ham boss Moyes calls for more time to refine recruitment


David Moyes has urged fans to be patient as West Ham look to refine their recruitment system.

January saw another transfer window escape the Hammers without any signings despite the desperate need to invest in several areas of their squad.

The introduction of Rob Newman in October as Head of Recruitment is a step in the right direction for the club, but he will need time to build his team.

“We brought in Rob Newman around November, December time. I’ve always had a strong and big recruitment team.” The Scot said, as shared by Claret & Hugh.

“We’ve only just started at this club to build it. I think you need to give us a little bit of time to build it up.

“We have a few people and I’d like to get more in time. I’d like (to get our) feet under the ground so we can cover more games and see more players.

“There’s so much more video watching, partly because of the pandemic and not getting to games. But there’s also a world out there of people sitting and watching games. Live football has always been the thing to do if you’re scouting.”

Finally, it looks as if the Hammers are getting their recruitment system together. It has been a long time coming and this season has proved how essential it is for the club to progress.

The Irons have pushed on all fronts this season with the players exceeding expectations.

West Ham have done brilliantly in terms of coaching, performing, training and all other football-related aspects this season so it would be a huge shame if it was off-field mishap that left the Hammers falling short at the end of the season.

The club can assess where they are at the end of the season with top four, the Europa League and the FA Cup all still to play for but whether they are successful or not in their efforts, everybody knows the recruitment needs to improve.

In a weird way West Ham falling short of their targets this season could be a good thing. It would allow Moyes to highlight how stretched his squad is and show David Sullivan and co how important signings are to taking a club to the next level which the Hammers are definitely ready for.