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‘We’re not happy… at all’ – Tottenham key midfielder shares about the mood in the Spurs camp


The first step to solving a problem is apparently acknowledging that there is one. One of the grating issues with Tottenham players talking on and off the record is that it is rare to find any of them dealing with the core problems, informs the BoyHotspur.

We get fed a diet of ‘pushing on’ for a top-four finish, and occasionally some alleged moaning about not quite enjoying the gaffers’ training methods. In an interview relayed by the Mail Online, Pierre Emile Hojbjerg openly admits that the core issue is inconsistency, or as Antonio Conte referred to as being ‘too up and too down’

‘If you beat City away, you should follow that up by not losing the game after. And we did. ‘But it’s something we are definitely aware of and working on and not happy with, of course, at all.’

I take a view that far too many of this Tottenham squad have been around for too long and seeking to improve personnel that has heard it all before from numerous voices, is expecting to successfully push water uphill.

Certain Spurs players can routinely play to a standard that’s high enough, but too many can no longer be reached. Dele Alli’s performances at Everton (Wyscout €) so far have been just as mediocre as they were for the Lilywhites.

Conte, in relatively short order, has issued the same warning that Pochettino gave in 2019. You’ll forgive me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for any rapid improvement…