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‘We have to prove it works’ – Tottenham assistant manager clarifies situation on grueling training


Tottenham’s grueling preseason preparation made many players tear up right on the pitch.

Antonio Conte wants to have one of the strongest teams in the Premier League. For this success, he has hired Gian Piero Ventrone, whose reputation is unquestioned, into the team. He has the ability to load star players heavily and get the most out of them.

Ventrone responded to provocations against the club by Bayern head coach Julian Nagelsmann. Matthijs de Ligt, after spending years in Italy, told the German coach that he had never trained so seriously and that in Italy, in fact, things are not so difficult.

Tottenham’s fitness coach immediately responded to the Italian media (Calciomercato), and he wasn’t too happy about the German coach’s comments.

‘Let’s clarify a basic concept: harder training does not mean better, otherwise we would train the players like the Marines. Today there are many ideas, many copy and paste, then we can do what we want, even take them on a kayak.’

‘But, if they resist more than the others on the pitch, they go faster than the others and they don’t have many injuries, it’s fine to me to send them kayaking, but we have to prove it works. Juve is an evolved club, these words seem strange to me.’