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Waiting for the right amount: Alasdair Gold says Tottenham could still sell their biggest midfield star

    Journalist Alasdair Gold reports that Tottenham midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg could move to Real Madrid.

    With the summer window approaching its end, a lot of interesting news emerge and among them the central one for Spurs fans is Real’s interest in the Dane. Alasdair Gold speaking to Football.London, said that the North London team may sell the 27-year-old player if the club is satisfied with the amount Real will offer.

    The midfielder is still important for Antonio Conte. The Italian specialist’s model of play suits the Dane, and he shows himself perfectly in it. He scored a brilliant goal against Chelsea in the London derby.

    At the same time, the sale of Casemiro has had a big impact on the Real Madrid’s midfield depth. They are now willing to pay for the 27-year-old and judging by the fact that the Dane has three years left on his contract, Tottenham are in a good position to adjust the price for the player themselves.

    Asked if there is a chance of a player transferring to Real this transfer window, Gold said:

    “It would depend on the amount. People overlook what Hojbjerg brings to the side sometimes.

    “He’s not the silkiest player compared to others. Spurs don’t have many leaders. The Dane certainly is one, he’s got a winning mentality and his contribution often goes unnoticed. Real Madrid interest speaks volumes as well.”

    Now it is up to the clubs to decide. At the moment, Antonio Conte desperately needs the 27-year-old because he is the main link in his model of play.

    If such an interest from Real had been discussed from the start of the transfer window, negotiations would have been completely different and the player’s transfer discussion would have been much easier.

    Tottenham could have spent the proceeds for the sale of the player to replace the Dane. But now, in the final days of the transfer window, Spurs will have to make impulsive decisions instantly when selling the midfielder, which of course does not go in favor of the team from London.

    Therefore, the sale of Hojbjerg directly depends on whether Spurs can find a replacement in such a short period of time.