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View: Moshiri will be outraged as almost £40m flushed down drain on “Ridiculous” Everton player


Farhad Moshiri has wasted a lot of money as Everton owner, mainly on buying players who’ve been absolutely woeful.

Since becoming the majority shareholder at Goodison Park in February 2016, Moshiri has spent over £500million on players [Daily Mail] and while there have been a handful of bright sparks, the majority of that money has been wasted.

A good chunk of that money has been wasted on Andre Gomes, who’s had an absolutely torrid season for Everton and was once again at the centre of a terrible performance on Sunday as Frank Lampard’s side were beaten 4-0 by Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in the FA Cup.

Ian Wright was disappointed by Gomes’ performance, hitting out at the 28-year-old ex-Barcelona midfielder on ITV at half-time in the game [20 March, 01:26pm].

After Palace scored, Wright highlighted Gomes’ distinct lack of effort in trying to get back and defend, slamming the Portuguese player for “ambling in the box“.

He’s not the only pundit who’s been annoyed by Gomes this season.

On February 19, as the Toffees lost 2-0 at Southampton, ex-England and Nottingham Forest defender Garry Birtles blasted Gomes for giving away a “ridiculous” free-kick [Premier League World Feed].

Gomes, unbelievably, cost Everton £22million since joining permanently from Barcelona in June 2019 [official Premier League website] and has also cost them £120,000-a-week in wages since [Football Insider].

Gomes has been an Evertonian for 143 weeks, meaning that £17.16million has been given to him in wages since his arrival.

Moshiri has ploughed almost £40million into having Gomes at Goodison Park based on his wages and his transfer fee.

And what’s got in return is a player who doesn’t have the ability to perform at the level Everton need him to and a player who’s becoming more and more of a liability in the midfield.

We do have a bit of sympthy for Gomes as in November 2019, he suffered a serious ankle injury and since then, his form hasn’t been as great.

But that doesn’t excuse strolling around the penalty area, letting frustration get the better of him and giving away stupid free-kicks.

Gomes isn’t the only Blues player not pulling his weight right now. In fact, the entire team needs to take a good long look at themselves in the mirror.

But a lot of money has gone into this player and Moshiri must absolutely frothing at the mouth at the way his investment has gone.