Tyson Fury loves football. He is a Manchester United fan and he served fans alcohol at Euro 2016


British boxer Tyson Fury, who knocked out Deontay Wilder on the night of October 10, loves football very much. He motivated the «Manchester United» players, partied with the England team fans in France, and lost a $5-bet because of Paul Pogba. Here are several remarkable football stories featuring Fury.

Fury is a «MU» fan. He dressed his son in a club jersey

Fury has never hidden that he is a fan of «Manchester United». His son was born in 2016 and after a while, Tyson posted a photo of his child in a jersey of his favorite club.

In 2014, Fury took «United»’s setbacks extremely painfully. Then Sir Alex Ferguson left the post of the head coach and was replaced by another Scotsman – David Moyes.

Tyson called for Moyes to be fired and Ferguson to be returned, and he also wanted the club to sign Zlatan Ibrahimović. As time has shown, Fury knows something about football – the Swedish striker played for «Manchester United» for about two years and scored 33 goals.

The current coach of the team Ole Gunnar Solskjær invited Fury to give a motivational speech to the players last year. This happened after Tyson’s second fight with Wilder (they fought three times in total), in which the British had also won.

Supported Lingard after «West Ham»’s winning goal
In the summer of 2021, Jesse Lingard returned to «Manchester United». And he got into an unpleasant story real soon – in the Champions League match with «the Young Boys», the Englishman made an unfortunate mistake. «MU» conceded the second goal and lost.

A few days later, Lingard rebound by scoring the winning goal against «West Ham». Fury recorded a special address to the player, in which he said:

«It ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward».

Went to Euro 2016 and served fans alcohol
In the summer of 2016, Fury’s rematch with Wladimir Klitschko fell through. At first, the fight was postponed due to Tyson’s injury, but in the end, it did not take place at all.

Meanwhile, the British went to France to support the team from England at Euro 2016. He was having so much fun there. His dancing aroused the indignation of another heavyweight – David Haye. He said that Fury looked suspiciously mobile for a man with an ankle injury.

А Fury continued to have fun with the British fans. In Nice, they drank 200 cocktails at his expense, which Tyson called Jagerbombs. This is a mix of «Jägermeister» and an energy drink (we would add for ourselves that alcohol is evil). The boxer presented a check for £1 thous. in evidence.

Lost a $5-bet because of Paul Pogba
In August 2019, «Manchester United» confronted «Wolverhampton». During the match, Paul Pogba won a penalty, which he volunteered to convert himself.

Fury was watching the game with his friends, and one of them offered Tyson to bet $5 that Pogba would score. The Frenchman didn’t score. It is better to see the boxer’s reaction once than to hear one hundred times.

Trolled Klitschko after England’s victory over Ukraine

In the Euro 2020 quarterfinals, England beat Ukraine 4:0. That’s how Fury reacted: «I haven’t seen a beat down over Ukraine like this since Düsseldorf 28 November 2015». On that day, Tyson defeated Wladimir Klitschko.

Wants to drink with Cantona
Tyson Fury is far from a model sportsman. There was a period in the boxer’s life when he had to be treated for alcohol and drug addiction.

Now Fury has everything under control and doesn’t go overboard with alcohol. But at the same time, he recently said that he plans to try 365 different beers in 2022. When journalists asked whom the boxer would like to drink with, he, among other names (Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Jesus Chris) mentioned Éric Cantona – a legendary player of «Manchester United» of the 90s.

Joked about Ronaldo’s return

As you’ve realized, Fury often comments on football news and jokes about them almost as often. And he didn’t overlook Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent move from «Juventus» to «Manchester United» either.

The boxer said that he’s happy that Ronaldo’s back at «Old Trafford». And he added in his fashion: «This town ain’t big enough for both of us! If I lived in Manchester, it would be a problem». Fury lives on the coast, in a city called Morecambe.

Dreams of fighting at «Old Trafford»
Fury regularly attends «Manchester United»’s home matches and comes to «Old Trafford» wearing a club scarf. His dream is to become, at least for one evening, not a fan, but the main character at the stadium.

Back in 2014, he wanted to fight Wladimir Klitschko at «Trafford». But in the end, this fight took place in Düsseldorf.