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Tottenham set for Conference League lifeline if UEFA revise 31st December cut-off date


According to The Sun, UEFA could revise their rules by allowing Tottenham Hotspur to play against Rennes in order to complete all the group matches in the UEFA Europa Conference League, as relays ToTheLaneandBack.

UEFA yesterday issued a statement that suggested that they have failed to find a comprehensive solution to reschedule the Tottenham vs Rennes tie due to complications from both sides to find an agreeable date. The European association also hinted that they would make a verdict on the consequences by following the ‘Annex J.’

Annex J suggests that the team responsible for not being present for the clash should be held accountable, and they would bear a 3-0 defeat as a result. The rule can land Spurs in hot water as the defeat would eliminate them from the European competition. Vitesse Arnhem won their group game and are currently 2nd in their group with 10 points- three ahead of Spurs.

However, UEFA’s Control Ethics and Disciplinary Body could provide Spurs with a new lifeline in the competition by changing the rule and authorising a rematch after the December 31 deadline.

UEFA previously handed a defeat to the team that didn’t complete their matches for Covid complications. However, if the CEDB finds that Rennes didn’t do their best to find a date for the postponed game, the Ligue 1 team could face the axe instead.

Tottenham’s coronavirus crisis still hasn’t been resolved. Amid such a situation, their Premier League game against Brighton was postponed. Spurs’ next game against Leicester is also in doubt. It goes without saying that we are not really in the position to play a rescheduled European tie in the next couple of weeks.

And if Rennes do have a problem with finding a new date, then it is only fair that they also bear the brunt in case a rematch cannot be organized. No Spurs fan would have wanted the UECL over the Champions League or Europa League at the start of last season.

But now that we are in it and recognize that it is a viable tournament to win- one we can realistically challenge for- it’s fair to say the mood has changed a bit amongst our fanbase regarding the tournament. A European trophy is a European trophy, after all. But even if the fixture gets replayed, Spurs would need to win if they want to head to the knockout stages.

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