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Tottenham Players Wanted to Leave Because of Antonio Conte – Journalist

    Conte’s departure was not surprising, given his recent outburst in a press conference where he criticized his players and called them “selfish”. However, new details about what went on behind the scenes at Tottenham are emerging every day, with journalist Gaston Edul shedding some light on the situation.

    According to Edul, two players at the club, Cristian Romero and Richarlison, were not treated well by Conte, and they were considering leaving the club because of him. Edul revealed that Romero was rethinking his stay at the club if Conte remained, and the same thing was happening with Richarlison. Conte publicly criticized the players, causing friction, and his relationship with the squad was very bad.

    Losing both Romero and Richarlison would have been a severe blow to Tottenham. While Richarlison has not been at his best this season, he is still loved by the fans and gives his all for the club. Romero, on the other hand, is Tottenham’s best defender, and without him, they would have let in many more goals.

    It was clear that the environment around Tottenham was poor in Conte’s final weeks in charge, which is why he had to go. However, if Edul is to be believed, both Richarlison and Romero will continue their stay at Tottenham.

    In conclusion, Antonio Conte’s time at Tottenham was marked by controversy and disagreements, which ultimately led to his departure. While his departure was not unexpected, the situation with Romero and Richarlison sheds light on the toxic environment that was present at the club during his tenure. Tottenham must now look to move forward and find a new manager who can bring stability and success to the team.

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