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‘Tottenham managers fell for it’ – Coach expresses frustration about potential deal with Spurs


Since Mauricio Pochettino’s dismissal in November 2019, Tottenham has already changed four coaches.

Before appointing Nuno Espirito Santo in April 2021, the North London team considered other options. The legendary Milan player Gennaro Gattuso was also on the coaching list. After the coach turned down a job at Fiorentina, they seriously considered his candidacy.

Valencia’s current manager denies that he had reached an agreement with Spurs, which is why he turned down the job at the Italian club.

“Everyone thought I had left Fiorentina because I was already in agreement with Tottenham, but it didn’t happen like that,”

“Tottenham came later, then I didn’t go there to work for things that were not true. The Tottenham managers fell for it and I paid. When these things happen, it becomes difficult to defend yourself, luckily at Valencia the management supported me.”