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Tottenham defender Emerson Royal reveals the words that Antonio Conte constantly says in training

    Tottenham right-back Emerson Royal has revealed details of Antonio Conte’s demands during training. The 23-year-old gave an interview to Globo Esporte where he discussed the Italian manager’s demanding attitude towards his players.

    The defender says that the Italian does not change during training sessions. If we see him explosive, demanding near the edge of the pitch, then the same atmosphere prevails in the training session.

    Conte is the same coach on the sidelines, in training, in video lectures. He is like that in all aspects, explosive, demands, he works hard. One word he repeats a lot is ‘quickly’. He likes everything done with speed.

    This activates our team, makes us pay attention to the smallest details, to the positioning of the body before the execution of the moves, in the conversations with videos before the beginning of each activity.