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Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy: Harry Kane Can Still Win Trophies with Spurs

    Tottenham Hotspur Chairman Daniel Levy has given a rare interview where he expressed his confidence that Harry Kane can still achieve his ambition of winning trophies with the club. With Kane approaching the final 12 months of his contract at Spurs and with no manager in place, there have been concerns over the striker’s future, especially since Tottenham’s trophy drought has now extended to a 15th consecutive campaign.

    Kane has often expressed his desire to win trophies with his boyhood club, but discussions over a new contract have yet to take place. Next season could be Kane’s last chance to win silverware with Spurs if he decides not to extend his stay at the club beyond 2024.

    During a discussion at The Cambridge Union Society, Levy said, “He can absolutely win a trophy at Spurs, but being a legend is also important. The fact that he’s the top scorer for Tottenham Hotspur, he’s making history. I hope one day there is a statue of Harry Kane outside our stadium.”

    Levy, who has served as Tottenham chairman for 22 years since ENIC bought the Premier League outfit in 2001, is notorious for his reluctance to participate in media activities and rarely gives interviews. During a 42-minute session at the Debating Chamber, he reflected on a number of issues, including the club’s trophy drought.

    “It has been an incredible journey, and in the 22 years, Tottenham has progressed enormously. Not as much as a fan we would hope, but hopefully the journey is not over, and we are still hoping we will get that trophy that we need,” Levy said.

    “When we first came into Tottenham, winning was making sure we stayed in the Premier League. Then as time goes on and we get more successful, it was about getting into Europa League and then the Champions League. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to win the trophies. That is clearly what we are trying to do. It’s easier said than done.

    “Am I happy that we haven’t won more than one trophy in the last 15 years? Absolutely not. But I also think we’ve had some fantastic times. Being in the Champions League a number of times. Despite the fact I feel sick that there’s a club (Arsenal) in north London that’s a bit higher than us at this moment in time, if I look back in the last five years, we’ve also been higher than them, so that’s what happens.”

    Levy also addressed recent speculation about the long-term ownership of Tottenham, with talk of outside investment and prospective buyers preparing bids. The last two home games have also seen “Levy out” chants from fans.

    “ENIC owns approximately 87% of the club. We have 30,000 shareholders, and most of them are fans who own the shares. We have a duty to consider any proposal anyone wants to make. All I would say is we are not in negotiations with anybody. Nor have we been in recent months.”

    Tottenham fans will be hoping that Levy’s words about Kane winning trophies at the club come true and that the team’s trophy drought ends soon.

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