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Tony Cascarino slammed Tottenham-Richarlison deal with a weird comparison to Teemu Pukki


The June transfer saga is officially over as the permamnet move of Richarlison has been wrapped, with the deal romoured to be closed at 60 million with bonuses.

Today literally everyone shared his or her opinion on the transfer, with most experts and pundits concluding that Richarlison will perfectly fir the attacking unit of Conte’s team, which lacked such a versatile backup during the previous campaign.

Some pundits, like Tony Cascarino, expressed huge doubts over the deal given both the money matter and the expected output during the next season. Former star of Republic of Ireland national football team compared Richarlison to Teemu Pukki, who scored eleven goals last season for relegated Norwich.

Cascarino points out that during five years of Premier League football Richarlison has not scored more than 13 goals, while netting only ten during the previous season.

Cascarino told talkSPORT: “He got 10 Premier League goals in a team that was fighting relegation. The team that came bottom, the top goalscorer got 11.

“Now, how many penalties? Four? Four penalties. Up until January I think he’d got about three goals. He had a bit of a run at the end of the season.

“I thought that was a massive price and they’ve done brilliantly well to get £60m. I see a player that does go down too easily. He would upset a lot of Everton fans if they were playing against him because he does go to ground, he does it very regularly in the game.

“I don’t know if he’s a good fit, I might be wrong, I might be sitting here at the end of the season saying ‘humble pie, I got that totally wrong’ – I don’t see it with Richarlison. I think that’s a huge fee.”

G11 Thoughts

We totally disagree with such numbers-only logic. If every transfer was that simple, there would be no mega flops we’ve seen in the Premier League. Hello to the recent example of Lukaku, who by the way, scored 15 goals for Chelsea last season. Conte is a type of manager who needs specific players for his tactical mastermind, and if Richarlison’s main task would be to stretch the opponent’s defence rather than attempting the goal, then it must be so.