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‘This is not Spain. Stay on your feet’ – Spurs fans warned 22-year-old talent but admitted a solid performance


Fans can easily get carried away when their team wins or a player does well, however, sensible fans will also point out the negative if it is needed and that has happened with Emerson Royal, writes the BoyHotspur.

The 22-year-old put in a solid performance against Brentford last night and is fast adapting to the English game but he has brought one annoying trait with him from Spain and that is play-acting.

The Brazilian defender has spent his entire career in leagues where falling about and playing for a foul are common practice but as we all know, that is frowned upon in the English game and the fans have let him know that while at the same time rightfully praising him for a solid game.

Here is a mix of some of those comments, both negative and positive

So, as you can see, a mixed response and probably fair. Emerson has been steadily improving and it must be remembered he is just 22 and has a ton of progress in him and if anyone can harness that, it is Antonio Conte.

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