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The reason is known: Former Watford goalkeeper sincerely apologizes to Tottenham fans

    Free agent Ben Foster has apologized to the fans of the North London team for time-wasting against Tottenham.

    The Englishman left Watford at the end of the season and is now a free agent. At the moment, the goalkeeper is likely to start his career as a broadcaster. All of his attention is now focused on his work on the Internet and various media outlets.

    Yesterday, the former Watford player spoke on talkSPORT, and he was asked about his time-wasting against opponents. This was followed by a story about one of his past managers, in particular he mentioned Tony Pulis. After all, it was he, every time he told him to slow down the game when the team was winning or keeping a draw against the top clubs.

    Foster clarified that Tottenham was probably the club against which he time-wasted the most. He claims that to this day, Spurs fans are giving him a hard time and swearing on Twitter.

    “Me as a goalie, I would be the first guy to enforce that. I would take my time with a goal kick, I’d take ages over it.

    “Spurs fans just give me dog’s abuse on Twitter all the time because I used to do it against them especially. Sometimes we would get good results against Spurs, it would be 1-0 or 2-1, very close games. So, I had to time waste.

    “It’s not me who wanted to do it, it was Tony Pulis. I apologise, but it’s not my fault.”

    Now the goalkeeper is 39 years old, and he is rightly one of the most experienced players in England. Having played more than 500 matches for the PL club and the national team, the goalkeeper has never been without a club.

    Since last season, the Englishman is in search of a new club. Ben understands that he will no longer be able playing in the starting lineup at his age. But he is not against moving to a top club, as a reserve goalkeeper.

    The goalkeeper named one team in which he is interested, and it was Arsenal, a fierce rival of Tottenham.

    “I’d love to be able to do that, I would love to do that,”

    But it probably won’t happen this summer.