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‘The next signing’ – Journalist claims there is a “surprise” man in Tottenham’s current transfer list


Since the start of the transfer window, Tottenham has already signed three players, and is not going to stop there. Everyone is wondering so who will be the fourth signing in Antonio Conte’s team.

According to Alasdair Gold, who spoke on his channel on YouTube, the next signing may be a young central defender of the Ukrainian national team.

Asked about Spurs’ next signing, he mentioned the last name Zabarnyi.

‘Zabarnyi, I would keep a little eye on him, because I do wonder, even if it’s not Spurs if someone comes in for him and I do know that Spurs are having a really good look at him as a potential signing, so maybe he’s the one.’

Many scouts consider Ilya a superstar prospect. At the same time, the central defender already has 22 caps for the Ukrainian national team at age 19.

On the other hand, Tottenham needs a more experienced player from whom they want instant impact. But as Antonio Conte`s practice with Alessandro Bastoni from Inter showed that age is just a number, and even a young player is capable of playing at a high level under a strong guidance from manager.

So, in the future we will see if Ilya Zabarny will become a Tottenham player or if Fabio Paratici will pay attention to more experienced players of the defensive line.