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The Boy Hotspur: One thing we can now be certain of after the Harry Kane news


Well, it was coming and so we should not really be that surprised that news has broken that Harry Kane wants to leave Tottenham.

The signs were there and providing he does not go to a club like Chelsea I suspect that most Spurs fans will be understanding and wish him luck, however, if the England captain does leave the Tottenham stadium it means we can be certain of one thing.

This summer will be manic in the transfer market.

There will be a knock-on effect that will touch a host of clubs, it always happens when a ton of money is dumped into the market.

There is no way that Daniel Levy will sit on any transfer fee or pay off debts, he has to reinvest in the squad significantly otherwise he would face a backlash the likes we have not seen.

Levy is in a very tricky position now, he knows he will have to placate an already disgruntled fanbase and losing the biggest player the club has had in years will only add to the anger the fans are expressing after the failed Super League fiasco.

The chairman could prevent Kane from leaving if he wanted to but no matter his reputation for being a hard-nosed businessman he has a history of selling our best assets and it is very likely to be the case this time as well.

So strap yourselves in, it is going to be a frenetic summer of transfer activity and Tottenham will be right in the centre of it.

Bruce Grove, The Boy Hotspur