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Super Computer shares Everton relegation prediction after yet another defeat v Wolves


Everton now stand a 38% chance of being relegated from the Premier League this season after losing against Wolves on Sunday.

That’s according to Five Thirty-Eight and their Super Computer, which places them as fourth favourites for the drop.

Things are going from bad to worst for the Toffees, who are now only ahead of Burnley, Watford and Norwich.

Things are going from bad to worst.

Frank Lampard is starting to look more dejected on the touchline with each passing week and even admitted his side deserved booing yesterday.

It got worst around us too, with Leeds and Watford picking up huge wins of their own in this relegation battle.

This next week is the biggest we have faced for years, and if it all goes wrong, we will find ourselves more than likely in that bottom three.

Games against Newcastle on Thursday and then an unwanted FA Cup quarter-final at Crystal Palace could add more pressure than is needed.

If we lose against the Magpies, who are looking among the best in terms of form right now in the Premier League, the pressure doubles.

Then, if we somehow beat Palace in the FA Cup, that adds a trip to Wembley and another game to be played when we really don’t need it.

Of course, the chance for silverware is always welcomed, but it would be typical that it comes in a season where we could wave goodbye to our Premier League status at the same time.

All of this talking is becoming more than boring at Goodison Park, and if wins aren’t delivered sooner rather than later, that bottom three will become more likely.