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‘Stop it! You are a good player’ – Famous pundit condemned Tottenham’s star for ‘diving’


Harry Kane’s constant “dives” have become a cause for discussion. Chris Sutton is urging the striker to pull himself together and “stop”.

Throughout the season, Kane has had both positives and negatives, and “dives” have occasionally brought him positive results.

After England’s crushing 4-0 defeat to Hungary in the League of Nations, criticism fell on Kane.

Chris Sutton publicly condemned the England captain and expressed his dissatisfaction with the issue. Commenting on his game he told BBC Radio 5 Live Sport:

“Helpless Harry Kane. That was horrible. You have to stop diving. You are maybe England captain, but we are going to call you out, hunt you out and cane you Harry Kane when you do dive.”

In spite of this, Harry Kane’s professionalism and skill are non-negotiable. One of the best forwards in the world is quite capable of acting very intelligently and accurately, and such an arsenal of dark arts will still come in handy for the England team.