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Spurs made an agressive move: Tottenham can ‘mock’ PL competitors with signing


Dusan Vlahovic continues to be a repeat theme in the Italian media, and it would appear that Tottenham have now edged Arsenal aside in the supposed race for the Fiorentina player, writes the Sportwitness.

Claims of the Gunners agreeing a deal worth €80m, only to be rejected by the striker, didn’t seem right even at the time. There was little reason for Arsenal to pay more than what La Viola were asking for, and it also didn’t make a lot of sense for Mikel Arteta’s side to offer €80m for someone who doesn’t want to join them.

Corriere dello Sport report Tottenham are at the front of the queue, with the Premier League going ‘crazy’ for Vlahovic.

In ‘recent hours’, Tottenham have moved ‘decisively and persistently’, according to Corriere dello Sport. They’ve ‘raised their interest’ and want to ‘mock’ their English rivals for the signing, with those rivals named as Arsenal and Manchester City.

Whilst all that sounds like transfer word-soup, the Italian newspaper do sound fairly confident about Spurs’ chances.

They explain how the pair of Fabio Paratici and Antonio Conte could prove a real advantage for Tottenham, given they both ‘fully understand the qualities’ Vlahovic has.

Fiorentina, of course, want an ‘auction’ and therefore will encourage repeat claims like this, whilst Juventus wait in the background, hoping English interest doesn’t kill their own hopes.