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“Sometimes I get very angry” – Tottenham player on how difficult Antonio Conte’s training sessions are


Spurs defender Emerson Royal was recently interviewed on the ESPN show Bola da Vez. The main topic of the evening was old stories about his coaches.

The Brazilian defender was not left out. He talked about how demanding the Italian coach is to his players, even in regular training sessions.

An example was the story of Emerson, where he said that every time he gives his all in training, he comes home almost dead. But at the same time, Antonio Conte appears to not notice that, and begins to encourage him to work more the next day:

“I arrive at training the next day, and he’s like, ‘Emerson, I didn’t like your training yesterday.’ It’s not possible, then I start to get mad already. ‘How did you not like my training yesterday? I gave life, finished training dead’.

The work of the coach and the player fully justified. The Brazilian defender played 41 games in his first season for Spurs and secured his place in the starting lineup after initial struggles with fitness and other Premier League realities.