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Since Pochettino was sacked Tottenham have just a 30% win record in this type of fixture


Tottenham’s loss to West Ham United yesterday was the fourth London derby loss this season under Nuno Espirito Santo, which sadly is a 100% record and that got me thinking, how bad has it been against our local rivals since Mauricio Pochettino got fired.

There have been 20 London derbies in the Premier League that Tottenham has played since the Argentine was sacked and we have won a measly six.

There have been five draws and a whopping nine defeats. That equates to a winning record of just 30%.

In comparison, under Pochettino the win record was 52% and remember, that includes the stuttering start under the former Southampton boss and the abysmal end of his time in charge.

These are the numbers in full and are for Premier League matches only.

From May 27th 2014 To Nov 19th 2019 under Pochettino

Win 23 – 52.27%
Loss 10 – 22.73%
Draw 11 – 25.00%

From Nov 20th 2019 to Oct 25th 2021 since Pochettino was fired

Win 6 30.00%
Loss 9 45.00%
Draw 5 – 25.00%

It is clear that there has been a severe decline in positive derby results since Pochettino left the club and it is up to each of you to draw your own conclusion as to why that is.

I suspect the decline probably started in earnest when the decision was made not to invest in the squad for two whole seasons but that would require far more analysis and is an exercise for another day.

Now, a quick disclaimer, I have calculated these figures myself and done my own research, I have not taken them from any site, so if there is an error I apologise and in the event that there are mistakes I doubt it would make that much difference to the final figures.

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