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“Shameless”: Some Spurs fans are not happy with what they’ve heard from Jose Mourinho today


Tottenham Hotspur fans have hit back at Jose Mourinho after he claimed that he had a cup final stolen away from him by Spurs.

Mourinho led Tottenham to the League Cup final, but before getting the chance to lead his time at Wembley he was replaced.

Mourinho, therefore, failed to deliver any silverware to Spurs – the only club in his career where this has happened.

And in his comments today he seemed frustrated by that.

Spurs fans, however, have failed to show Mourinho much sympathy at all.

It may have seemed like a harsh call to sack Mourinho before the cup final, but Tottenham had been languishing for weeks before that.

And many Spurs supporters haven’t taken kindly to what they have heard from their old boss.

Tottenham’s decision to part company with Mourinho didn’t really work out, as they struggled to make any impact on the game against Manchester City with Ryan Mason in charge.

While it would be harsh to pin the blame on the interim boss, there has been some discussion over whether Spurs would have been better placed to win with Mourinho at the helm.

Tottenham then took over two months to find Mourinho’s replacement, with Nuno coming in recently.