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Rio Ferdinand names three things Antonio Conte will change at Tottenham


Speaking on his YouTube channel, Rio Ferdinand has been speaking about the impact he expects Antonio Conte to have at Tottenham.

Spurs have entered a new era under the Italian coach and Ferdinand reckons there could be something of a revolution in north London.

Indeed, the former Manchester United man thinks there’ll be wholesale changes at Tottenham, claiming that Conte will change the mentality, the ethos and the philosophy at the club.

Ferdinand was speaking about the impact Conte may have at Spurs.

“He’ll change the mentality at the football club, he’ll change the ethos at the club and he’ll change the philosophy at the club because he’s very strong-willed. He doesn’t take any prisoners and he’s a strong character and that’s what they need,” Ferdinand said.

That’s how you become a legendary manager at a club.

The best managers of all time aren’t the ones who won the most trophies, they’re the ones who laid the foundations for a club’s future successes and embedded a philosophy.

For far too long Tottenham have been something of a soft touch, Spurs have been a team that will wilt under pressure and accept mediocrity, but Conte won’t have that.

The mindset, the philosophy and the ethos has to change if Spurs are to be a long-term success and that’s what Conte can instil at this football club.

This could be the most revolutionary appointment Spurs ever make.

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