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Rice picks a ‘shock’ Tottenham player as one of the best he’s ever had to play against


Declan Rice joined YouTubers Golf Life for a round of golf. In conversation the midfielder was asked to name the best players he has encountered in the Premier League. First on the list was Manchester City midfielder De Bruyne.

“Kevin de Bruyne is just special. The way he thinks about the game, the position he takes up for a holding midfielder is just horrible, he’s just constantly making you think. Same with David Silva, he was the exact same.”

Next after David Silva and De Bruyne was Hazard when he played for Chelsea.

“[Eden] Hazard when he was in the Premier League with Chelsea. Obviously I was only just starting to come into the Premier League then. He was just so agile, so quick.

The last player named Declan Rice surprised everyone.

“And this one will probably surprise you, I’ve said it in an interview before, he gets slammed and hammered a little bit and it’s going to take you back – but [Tanguy] Ndombele at Spurs. Honestly the perception of him shouldn’t be what it is because I tell you now he’s one of the toughest I played against.”