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Report: Tottenham among clubs that led strong protests against PL club’s £305m takeover in recent 19-team meeting


According to the Mail (h/t Birmingham Live), it is believed that Tottenham Hotspur were amongst a list of clubs that vehemently protested against the £305million Saudi Arabia-led takeover of Newcastle United.

An exclusive meeting was held between all the Premier League teams excluding the Magpies to discuss the recent takeover of Newcastle United. It is believed that clubs like Manchester United, Everton, and Tottenham Hotspur were the primary teams to show their opposition against the latest occurring that happened with the Tyneside-based club.

Some clubs have even shown their unhappiness for not being kept in the loop regarding the takeover of Newcastle. They also made it clear that they had to subdue any kind of supporter groups who felt that these teams had a part in the decision that was taken by the Premier League board.

The Geordies have witnessed a decline in their status in the PL ever since the famous era of the 1900s where they dominated and won a plethora of silverware and were a force to be reckoned with both in England and Europe. Newcastle haven’t had the same kind of impact recently but the new owners could be a breath of fresh air for the Magpie supporters who could hope for some substantial investment into the club to help them rediscover their old success.

Many of the top clubs like Tottenham could be alarmed as this may be seen as the emergence of a new strong competitor that is backed by strong financial resources. It could pose a substantial threat in the future despite Newcastle United sitting in 19th position in the Premier League at present.

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