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Report: Spurs insiders think Nuno lacks a key trait that both Pochettino and Mourinho possessed


The Athletic have revealed what training ground observers inside Tottenham Hotspur have noticed about Nuno Espirito Santo compared to his predecessors Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino.

It’s pretty clear now that Nuno was not Spurs’ first-choice to take charge of the club. Well, he probably wasn’t even the second or third choice, but Tottenham ended up appointing him, and it has been a struggle.

Nuno led Spurs to three consecutive wins in his first three games, but everyone could see that they were far from their best. The next three games in the league exposed them, the one at Arsenal in particular, where they were battered in the first half.

The pressure is well and truly on Nuno now. There are rumours coming from inside the club which give us an insight into how he is. If some training ground observers are to be believed, he’s not as popular among players and staff as Mourinho and Pochettino were.

The report reveals that some insiders in and around the training ground feel that Nuno ‘cuts a less dominant figure’ than Mourinho and Pochettino.

The Argentine was very popular inside the club. He took time to speak to everybody, transformed Tottenham’s culture and stamped his personality on the whole place.

Mourinho, on the other hand, wasn’t as popular, but he definitely had a strong personality. Irrespective of what people thought of his tactics, they respected everything he had achieved in the game over the years.

The report also claims that both Mourinho and Pochettino took an interest in the non-football side of the club. That made each of them more of a manager than a head coach, very much unlike Nuno.

Many at Spurs feel that Nuno’s current job does not extend beyond the training pitches. His personal style has also reportedly not endeared him to his players, which could be why Tottenham are really struggling at the moment.

Nuno was never going to be as big a name as Mourinho or Pochettino in his very first season in charge. However, if he gets the time he needs to turn things around, he could well change the perception around him.

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