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Report shares the one reason why Rafa Benitez picked Everton instead of waiting for Newcastle


Newcastle United fans are arguably the happiest bunch in football at the moment. Magpies supporters have finally seen the back of Mike Ashley, and if things go their way, Steve Bruce will be shown the door as well.

It really is an exciting time for Newcastle. Bruce is almost guaranteed to be sacked and the new owners are reportedly targeting some big names to replace him. However, a familiar face could be an option as well.

Rafa Benitez, still adored by Newcastle fans, is among the names linked with a return to the club. The Spaniard is currently at the helm at Everton and is doing a phenomenal job. Joining the Toffees has proved to be the right move, but it wasn’t a straightforward decision.

The Telegraph have revealed that Benitez would’ve liked to return to Newcastle United, but he chose Everton over waiting for the takeover for one reason.

Benitez was without a job for over five months after leaving Chinese side Dalian Professional. Almost every time Newcastle United slipped up in the Premier League, he was linked with a return, and he was reportedly keen too.

If the takeover had gone through before the summer and had the new Newcastle owners offered him the job, he would’ve accepted it without giving it a moment’s thought. He had the option to wait for the takeover to be completed as well, but he didn’t take that chance.

The report claims that Benitez had completely lost faith in those telling him that the Newcastle takeover would happen. That’s the reason why he jumped at the chance of returning to management as soon as Everton came in instead of waiting for the Magpies.

Many people predicted Benitez to flop at Everton when he was announced as their new manager. However, the Spaniard has fared exceedingly well and the Toffees are in a really good position in the league now.

An opportunity to become Newcastle United’s new boss now is exciting for any manager in the world. However, it doesn’t really make sense for Benitez to abandon the good work he’s done at Everton and walk away.

It will be interesting to see what Newcastle will do now, especially if they get rid of Bruce. Benitez may well be a popular option, but with the money they have now, they could easily go after someone much better in the coming weeks.