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Report: Harry Kane can leave Tottenham for just eight-figure fee due to 2005 ruling


Harry Kane can buy himself out of his Tottenham Hotspur contract due to a ruling.

Kane has made his feeling clear about wanting to leave the club this summer.

According to The Sun, there is a law called the ‘Webster Ruling’ which can help the England international.

In 2005, FIFA introduced Article 17, which allowed players to buy themselves out of their contracts they signed prior to turning 28-year-old. In order to do this, the player will have had to serve three years of the deal they signed with their club.

For the 28-year-old, he signed a six-year deal back in 2018, meaning he has already served three years. Technically, the centre-forward can buy himself out for a fee reported to be £40m.

Kane is extremely unlikely to buy himself out of his Tottenham contract despite the ruling.

For starters, the Englishman needs to find the money from somewhere before he can even think of activating the rule.

And secondly, any attempt to pay £40m is likely to be met with hostility from the Lilywhites.

The Sun is claiming the N17 giants can claim cite tortious interference and inducement – tampering.

It would lead to the outfit suing Kane and other more complicated legal challenges.

After developing such an emotional relationship with everyone associated with Tottenham, this won’t be the way he’d want to end his time.


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