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Report: Conte now decides to ban two things at Spurs after thinking some players are overweight


Antonio Conte is wasting no time making his mark at Tottenham Hotspur as he looks to raise standards, the Athletic report.

They say that Conte’s first few days in charge of Tottenham have been very demanding on the players.

The Italian boss has apparently already ‘revolutionised’ the club’s nutrition plans.

Conte places great importance on the fitness of his players and in that respect he doesn’t appear happy with what he has seen at Spurs.

Tottenham’s new manager reportedly feels that a number of the club’s players are overweight.

Both Jose Mourinho and Nuno didn’t place a huge importance on fitness during their time in charge, but there are no shortcuts under Conte.

As a result, the six-time league winning manager has banned both ketchup and mayonnaise from the canteen.

He wants the Spurs squad to start eating even more healthily, as he feels that increased fitness levels will help them play his intense style of football.

Conte has already changed Tottenham’s shape since taking charge and there has been a noticeable impact to the players’ demeanour.

Although Spurs still struggled in an attacking sense against Everton, there were flashes of promise, and they also showed some lovely link-up against Vitesse in his first game in charge.

Tottenham’s players had run the least amount of distance of any Premier League side under Nuno, but it doesn’t seem like that will be tolerated under their new boss.

And the next few months at Hotspur Way could be very tough, as Conte looks to whip his new side into shape.