Pundit Suggests £15M Man Is the Weak Link in Tottenham’s Starting Team Now

Tottenham Hotspur has been quietly gaining momentum this season, sparking discussions about their potential as title contenders. While this notion might not be universally accepted, there are whispers in the footballing community that suggest Spurs could make a serious run for the title.

One voice, however, stands in opposition to this rising optimism. Keith Treacy, a pundit speaking on Off The Ball, has voiced his skepticism about Tottenham’s readiness for a title challenge. Treacy has expressed the belief that there are significant gaps in the Spurs squad, casting doubt on players like Pape Sarr’s ability to bridge the perceived gap between Tottenham and the likes of Arsenal or Manchester City.

Treacy didn’t mince his words when evaluating the £15 million midfielder, Pape Sarr. He stated, “Pape Sarr, he’s somebody who I don’t think is going to bridge that gap between Spurs and Man City or Spurs and Arsenal, so there are question marks there, but they have gotten an awful lot stronger this year.”

While Treacy’s critique may seem harsh, it’s essential to assess whether Sarr should be singled out as the reason Tottenham may fall short in their title bid this season. Indeed, Tottenham may not be ready to challenge for the title just yet. However, Pape Sarr has shown considerable promise during his time at the club.

Sarr, a young and talented midfielder, has displayed consistent improvement with every passing week. Moreover, when Tottenham’s squad is fully fit, Sarr may not even be their first-choice midfielder. Rodrigo Bentancur, another quality player, is expected to slot into the starting lineup once he returns to full fitness. This means that Pape Sarr becomes a valuable rotation option for Spurs, and indeed, for any top-tier team in world football, especially one competing for a title.