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Pundit shares the real reason why Tottenham haven’t offered a contract to Mauricio Pochettino

    Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly searching for a ‘less experienced’ manager, according to football journalist Guillem Balague. This is the reason they have not offered the job to Mauricio Pochettino, who is now said to be edging closer towards joining their London rivals, Chelsea.

    This news comes after Cristian Stellini became the second manager to be sacked by Tottenham this season. Stellini replaced Antonio Conte last month but only lasted four Premier League games. It was unsurprising that he struggled in the role, given that he had previously worked as Conte’s right-hand man over the past few years.

    During his short tenure, Tottenham fans expressed their desire for Mauricio Pochettino to return to the club. However, Balague claims that Tottenham has not offered the job to Pochettino and are instead looking for a ‘new Pochettino.’ This is why the former Tottenham boss is said to be heading to Chelsea instead.

    Balague wrote on Twitter: “It feels Pochettino and Spurs are in different places right now. Spurs are after a less experienced manager, the new ‘Pochettino’, hence the interest in Vincent Kompany. The only contact related to the Spurs job with Poche was indirect and nothing was offered.”

    He added that Chelsea will be getting a “hungry manager” who has analyzed the details of his previous jobs and will now have more control than the first time he was offered the job by Boehly (which he rejected). Balague believes that Pochettino’s arrival at Stamford Bridge is coming at the right time, when direction and criteria are needed.

    The news that Tottenham is looking for a less experienced manager is likely to increase the pressure on chairman Daniel Levy to make the right appointment. Fans expected Pochettino to return to the club one day, but it will be painful for them to see him take over at one of their biggest rivals.

    In conclusion, Tottenham’s search for a less experienced manager and reluctance to offer the job to Mauricio Pochettino could prove to be a costly mistake. Only time will tell if this is a decision they come to regret, but for now, it seems that Pochettino is set to take over at Chelsea.

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