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Pundit says Tottenham will struggle to offload underperforming star


Former West Ham star, Frank McAvennie believes Tottenham will struggle to sell Dele Alli unless his performance improves.

The midfielder seems closer to the Tottenham exit door as he struggles for form at the club.

They refused to sell him last year, but Football Insider reported recently that they could be open to cashing in on him in the summer.

This is because he has become difficult to manage and is one of the worst trainers in the club.

This development should have prompted several top clubs to show interest in his signature, but that hasn’t happened.

McAvennie says he has nothing to offer any club at the moment and for the good of Spurs, in terms of making good money from his sale, his form has to improve.

He adds the midfielder is in a strange situation at the moment because he needs to get better to get a move away from Tottenham and if he gets better, they might decide to keep him.

“The thing with Alli is, no one will sign you if you aren’t doing it,” McAvennie told Football Insider.

“If you aren’t performing then no one will come and sign you, it’s as simple as that. As it stands, no one wants him.

“A few years ago, you were saying ‘Alli, what a talent’. Now look at him, he’s gone backwards.

“He always has that bounce under a new manager but then fades. The talent must still be there, you don’t lose that.

“He needs to perform if he wants to get that move away. But if he does start playing well then Tottenham might keep him.

“It’s a strange one. They can’t sell him when he’s playing like this, surely?”

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