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Pundit predicts how Levy will handle player negotiations with Real Madrid


Alan Hutton says Daniel Levy will not be in the mood to negotiate with Real Madrid over Sergio Reguilon as it emerges they are planning to re-sign the Spanish left-back.

Defensa Central says Madrid is considering taking him back to Spain, but they are unwilling to pay the full 40m euros buy-back fee they agreed with Tottenham.

The report says they want to sign him for 33m euros instead and are keen to renegotiate with Levy.

However, former Tottenham player, Hutton insists Levy will not give them an audience if they put a call through to him and ask him to renegotiate.

Instead, he says the Tottenham supremo will point them in the direction of the clause that both clubs agreed on when Spurs signed him.

Hutton says there is no way the terms would be re-negotiated because the fee was agreed upon for a reason and Levy will be straightforward with them.

“That’ll be a ‘no’ and the phone down,” Hutton told Football Insider.

“It’s as simple as that. I don’t see why anybody would want to renegotiate for a lower fee, especially when we’re talking about Levy and Tottenham here.

“There was a fee put in there for a reason. Whether Real Madrid like it or not, that’s the fee and that’s what they’ll have to deal with.

“That will be a very short conversation.”

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