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Pundit hits back at Tottenham star’s recent comments


Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane and his lack of touches in England’s recent game has become a hot topic of discussion across social media.

The Englishman has not looked anything like his previous self this season. After his transfer saga throughout the summer, Kane has struggled to find his feet, and his latest performance has opened the door for a ton of criticism.

Kane was quizzed about his form after the game and he replied, as per The Daily Mail: “I know there’s been a lot of talk about me but at the end of the day, I’ve still scored nine goals this season.”

Nine goals before mid-October is not a bad record at all for a striker, but Chris Sutton has hit back at his comments. He believes that Kane has simply not done enough this season and the fact that most of his nine goals have come against really poor teams show that he needs to improve.

Responding to Kane saying he has scored nine goals already, Sutton wrote on The Daily Mail: “True. But break that down and the fact you are on the verge of double digits loses its impact. Three of those goals came for Tottenham against Mura in the Europa Conference League, with two against Pacos Ferreira in the same competition.

“One came against Wolves in the Carabao Cup and three for England in the September internationals. The Premier League is where you get critics off your back. That is where the best players are judged. Kane needs to snap out of his malaise if he is to stay as his country’s undisputed first-choice under Southgate.

“It was disappointing to see him looking so uninterested. Rumour has it he has not been the most jovial around the Spurs training ground. But he needs to stop sulking. Every striker goes through periods where the ball is not going in.

“You have to persevere and Kane needs to knuckle down. Even if he is not happy, Kane needs to suck it up and get back to doing what he does best.”

Kane’s poor form has come as a shock to many people and rightly so. He was incredible for Spurs last season and he had a good Euros campaign as well. However, he has looked lost on more than one occasion this term.

The dragged-out transfer saga in the summer could well be one of the reasons why. Everybody knows he wanted to leave Tottenham, but Daniel Levy’s reluctance to let him go might have had an impact on the state of his mind.

To make things worse for Kane, his teammates haven’t really helped him. Tottenham, despite their three wins to start the season off, have looked woeful more often than not. Their flaws were exposed by Arsenal, who battered them in the derby last month. That has put even more pressure on Kane.

The Spurs talisman has to become the player he was last season if Tottenham want to have any chance of finishing in the top-six. If recent form is anything to go by, that’s not happening anytime soon, but the Englishman is a world-class striker and he is more than capable of turning things around in the coming weeks.