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‘Pre-season prep’ – Harry Kane tries to ‘help’ Spurs sign the 27-year-old PL star


Raheem Sterling is a potential star of many top clubs. The winger’s contract with Manchester City is coming to an end and he is yet to decide on his future.

According to Graham Bailey, speaking on the Talking Transfers podcast, Chelsea is the main contender for the services of the 27-year-old football player.

But at the same time, the journalist notes: “They’re not alone, Tottenham are in this as well. I am told that Harry Kane is doing some background work here, he might be trying to persuade his England teammate, they play well together these two, so let’s not rule it out. If he’s considering Chelsea why wouldn’t he consider Tottenham?”

What has Kane got to do with it?

The fact is that the England striker is trying to convince Sterling to move to Tottenham. There are many reasons: the Champions League, a lot of playing time, and most importantly, he and Kane have a strong rapport, which we see when England play.

The combined play of Sterling, Kane, and Son provides an additional hype to bring in a striker. We’ll see how this story ends, but the prospects for this ‘trio’ are very serious.