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Paul Merson Says Nobody Wants the Tottenham Job Because of One Player

    Former Arsenal player and Sky Sports pundit, Paul Merson, has claimed that the uncertainty around Harry Kane’s future is the reason no one has taken the Tottenham job yet. Kane, who is the captain of the England national team, has one year remaining on his contract with Spurs, and rumors suggest he could be leaving the club in the summer transfer window.

    Merson argues that potential managers realize how much of a risk it would be to take the Tottenham job without assurances over the future of the star striker. “No one takes the Tottenham job if Harry Kane goes. Why would you take the job if Kane goes, it’s a terrible job if Kane goes. That’s why I don’t think they have anyone in because they think what’s the point in trying to sort people out if Kane goes,” Merson said.

    Tottenham’s reliance on Kane is evident in their performance this season. The team has struggled to get results when the striker has been out injured, and he has scored 21 goals in 31 Premier League appearances so far. Without him, Spurs would likely be a mid-table team.

    Merson also suggests that if Kane were to leave, it could start a domino effect with other players wanting to leave as well. “Take him out of this team and Son will go ‘well I want to go’ I don’t think this is a good job with Harry Kane not there,” he said.

    Merson compares the situation to other high-pressure jobs in football, such as replacing Alex Ferguson at Manchester United or Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool. He suggests that taking over at Spurs after Kane’s departure would be an almost impossible task.

    In conclusion, Merson believes that any manager would be foolish to take on the Tottenham job without guarantees about Kane’s future. With the striker’s contract expiring next year, Spurs must act fast to secure his services if they want to attract a top-tier manager and maintain their place in the top of the Premier League.

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