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“Nonsense” – Kevin Campbell reacts to news he heard about new Spurs player 


Sky Sport correspondent Kevin Campbell was outraged by the Football Association’s statement for the ‘nonsense’ decision to ban Riсharlison from playing in his first game for Spurs.

The reason was that in May the 25-year-old striker threw a lit flare into the stands at Goodison Park while celebrating another goal for Everton.

The Daily Mail’s Samy Mokbel reports that as a result of this incident, the 25-year-old Brazilian has been suspended for one match, accordingly, he will definitely miss the first game of the season for a new club.

Kevin Campbell extremely disagrees with the FA’s decision and says that everything should start from scratch.

“It is a nonsense, a farce and shouldn’t have ever been done. But because they pushed it at the time, they cannot backtrack on it. They had to see it through. I am not surprised that they’ve done it”.