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Moyes explains his big Hammers plan


David Moyes isn’t a manager who gives the media much to chew on but get him started on Everton and there’s nothing much that can stop him.

However, for those of us – and I have always been among them – who has always seen the Toffees as a club similar in the north to ourselves in the south – it comes as no surprise to see how he has settled in at the club.

It’s a club similar budgets to those he worked with at Goodison, a club that has lived in the shadow of a much bigger neighbour – in our case neighbours – and a club of ambition rather than great achievement.

Tomorrow (Sun), ironically it will be a former Hammers in charge of the team he bossed for 11 and a half years whilst he attempts to dive the club to a victory which would shoot us back into the top six and possibly five should Spurs get beaten.

And talking to www.whufc.com he said: “It was a great time in my career at Everton. I really enjoyed it and had a brilliant period.

I’m hoping I can do something in a similar fashion here at West Ham, trying to build the club up and get them a side who are regularly contending for Europe and being at the top end of the Premier League, having lots of international players and boys who are improving, and from clubs from lower leagues who keep improving.

I see us being much further on here at West Ham than we were at the [equivalent] time, for example, when I first went to Everton. It took me longer there.

Fortunately, I was given the time. Time in football management’s not easy [to come by], so a big thanks to all the people who supported me at Everton in those early days, but I hope by the end of it we had gone on to be a side which was more known for competing at the top end of the league.

They (Everton) had a good win against Newcastle a few weeks ago and Newcastle have been doing well.

It will be a tough game – we’re under no illusions how hard it will be. From our point of view, we have to try and keep winning to stay up with the teams in the top half of the league.

We’ve got a lot to play for and we feel as if it’s more about us than it is about Everton, so I’m more concentrated on what we do here at West Ham, trying to focus and keep up with the teams at the top.”