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Moshiri sends message to unhappy Everton and provides update on next manager search


Everton owner Farhad Moshiri has sent out a message to supporters declaring the club are working tirelessly to appoint a new manager.

Speaking exclusively to talkSPORT host Jim White, the Toffees’ majority shareholder also insisted the club will have better ‘communication’ with their fans.

Moshiri, who according to The Sunday Times rich list is worth £2bn, took a 49.9 per cent stake in the club in February 2016, and now holds a 94.1 controlling stake following a fresh £100million capital injection.

However, since his arrival fans have been less than happy with the direction he has taken the club in… or lack of it.

The recent sacking of former Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez, after just half a season, has been the tip of the iceberg of Moshiri’s problems.

Now, he is looking for yet another manager and, speaking to White, the 66-year-old said the club are working hard to ensure the next appointment doesn’t go as badly as the last one.

Moshiri also send a message to supporters, admitting he is aware of their discontent and ‘wants to get it right’.

“I was talking to Mr Moshiri himself and he said: ‘Look we want to have direct communication with supporters – we will do that.

“‘We are working towards getting the next appointment right and we are well aware that many of them are not happy but we’re trying to get it right.’

“He’s out and about on business, but says Everton are ‘working like crazy’ to get this next appointment right,” White added.

“And if ever they need to get it right, it is now.”

With that said, talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan was not convinced by Moshiri’s words.

He replied to White: “This is the same Farhad Moshiri who told you four weeks ago that the landscape was going to change dramatically with Benitez…

“But ultimately it landed exactly where we all said it was going to land, except Mohiri, who ended up firing Benitez.

“It’s all well and good and it’s great that you’ve got the reach to get him, Jim, but it’s not good saying you’re going to try and talk to the fans – talk to them, then!

“It’s not difficult!”

It also isn’t the first time the former Crystal Palace owner had some harsh words to say about the Everton owner, after scathing comments in December 2021.

“The problem with Everton Football Club is Moshiri,” the White and Jordan co-host previously claimed.

“I think Moshiri has spent money, but not as much as people think he has.

“The gross spend is different to the net spend, but I think Moshiri doesn’t know how to run Everton Football Club.

“I’m not suggesting that I’m the oracle. I had successes and failures in equal measure, probably, but sitting back and looking at it objectively, I would have loved to have owned a football club like Everton with all the potential behind it.

“You’ve got more opportunity to get it right than wrong. From the managers he’s employed to the transfers he’s sanctioned.

“Even Benitez, I know he can do a decent job – but who in their right mind brings Benitez to Everton?

“He wasn’t just a Liverpool manager but he was an iconic Liverpool manager, who was inextricably indexed to Liverpool.”