Micky Van de Ven Shares What James Maddison Told Him Before His Home Debut

Micky van de Ven has already begun to establish himself as a key player. However, what truly made his journey memorable was the wisdom he received from fellow players right before his home debut, particularly James Maddison and Yves Bissouma.

The moment that stands out in Van de Ven’s early career with Tottenham was his home debut, which took place following his debut against Brentford on the opening day of the season. The match against Manchester United was a significant event, with Tottenham delivering a stellar performance to secure a 2-0 victory.

What made the day even more special for Van de Ven were the words of encouragement and advice he received from his peers, James Maddison and Yves Bissouma, right before the game. He shared his experience in a recent interview with Tottenham’s media team.

Van de Ven reminisced about his home debut, saying, “This was my first [home] game, and you don’t really know what’s going to happen, especially when it’s against a club like United.”

James Maddison took a moment to offer some valuable guidance to the young defender. “He [Maddison] was also like, ‘This is a huge game for Tottenham against United,’ and he’s like, ‘Enjoy the moment,’” Van de Ven recalled.

Yves Bissouma also shared his thoughts with the newcomer. “Bissouma also came up to me and was like, ‘Enjoy it,’” Van de Ven added.

As the players stepped onto the pitch, the atmosphere was electric, with fans passionately singing their hearts out. Van de Ven couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the moment. “Then we came out on the pitch and everyone was starting to sing, and I was like, ‘What is going on here?’” he said.

Despite the intense focus required during a Premier League match, Van de Ven wanted to savor the moment to the fullest. However, he acknowledged the challenging balance between enjoying the experience and staying focused on the game. “It was amazing. You want to enjoy the moment so much, but because you’re also in the focus of the game, you can’t really enjoy the moment,” he concluded.