Micky Hazard Says Spurs Youngster Will ‘Be the Best’ They’ll Ever Have In His Position

Micky Hazard has heaped praise on 20-year-old Destiny Udogie hailing him as the potential “best left-back we’ve ever had” at Spurs. Hazard’s commendation comes on the heels of Tottenham’s ascension to the top of the Premier League table after securing a hard-fought 1-0 victory against Luton. With six points and two draws from their eight games thus far, the Lilywhites are riding high on their early-season success.

Micky Hazard, a cherished figure in the annals of Tottenham’s history, didn’t hold back in lauding the young Italian left-back. In the aftermath of Tottenham’s triumph over Luton, Hazard referred to Udogie’s performance as “superb” and did not shy away from making a bold prediction about the player’s future at the club.

Hazard’s endorsement of Udogie was unequivocal, stating, “Destiny Udogie will become the best left-back we’ve ever had.” This declaration from a Spurs icon carries significant weight, as it underscores the tremendous potential that Udogie possesses.

Tottenham’s journey to the top of the Premier League table was not solely driven by their goal-scorers. On this occasion, it was Dutch defender Micky van de Ven who opened the scoring in the 52nd minute with his first goal for Tottenham, following his summer transfer. His crucial goal came after a well-executed pass from James Maddison during a short corner play.

Meanwhile, Destiny Udogie continued to impress with his consistent performances. His ability to distribute the ball effectively, display a positive passing game, and maintain a robust defensive stance did not escape the notice of Micky Hazard.

When Tottenham secured the signing of Destiny Udogie, numerous footballing figures, including renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano, were quick to tip him for stardom. Udogie, as part of the deal, spent the previous season honing his skills at Udinese. However, his true potential is now beginning to shine through on the grand stage of the Premier League.

Micky Hazard’s prediction of Udogie’s ascent to stardom at Tottenham is laden with optimism. While it is still early days in the young Italian’s career with the club, the potential he has displayed in recent matches against formidable opponents such as Mohamed Salah and Bukayo Saka is undeniably promising.

As Udogie is just embarking on his professional journey, the sky is the limit for his future prospects. Hazard’s glowing endorsement, combined with Udogie’s impressive performances, sets the stage for an exciting chapter in Tottenham’s history. Only time will tell if Destiny Udogie fulfills the prophecy of becoming Spurs’ greatest left-back ever, but the early signs are undoubtedly encouraging.