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Mark Lawrenson claims Tottenham man would have ‘absolutely loved’ postponements


Mark Lawrenson has shared that Antonio Conte would have ‘absolutely loved’ Tottenham’s recent matches being postponed because it would have meant more time on the training ground, as he told Football Focus.

As informs the HITC, the BBC pundit added if Spurs were able to train ‘for the majority’ of the time during the past two weeks, then it would have allowed Conte to get through ‘absolutely everything’ with his players.

Of course, Conte was appointed by Spurs at the start of November, after the club sacked Nuno Espirito Santo.

The Italian was thrust straight into the limelight, where he has had to implement his ideas without a pre-season.

But added with that, he has had to deal with so much disruption, including games being called off for the snow and a COVID outbreak.

If Conte has indeed been able to spend a large amount of time at Hotspur Way, then he would have been able to implement his ideas through a mini-like pre-season, as Lawrenson touched upon.

“Well, it depends, have they been training or not?” said Lawrenson. “If they have trained for the majority of it, then I bet Conte has absolutely loved it.

“He has because he’s got them on the training pitch. He is probably going through absolutely everything. That might be a bonus for them. I think this is a tough game for Liverpool.”

As things stand, Tottenham’s home game against Liverpool this afternoon is due to go ahead, which will be music to the ears of the supporters and all involved.

After game after game being called off, not only would the players and coaching staff in north London be frustrated with what has happened, but the fans also.

Depending on how fans see it, being thrust straight into the limelight to play Liverpool could be seen as an advantage or disadvantage.

On one hand, they have had that rest and preparation time, but that match sharpness and fitness is not there, so that could seriously hurt them.

Either way, all the answers will be delivered on the plate today.