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Major Everton finance news out soon with senior player ‘Fire-sale’ on the cards – report


Everton are expected to release their 2020/21 accounts by 31 March amid huge concerns over their spending, according to the Daily Mail.

The newspaper reports that the Blues have been working alongside the Premier League in order to ensure they do not break any Financial Fair Play rules.

It is understood that Everton’s upcoming accounts “are set to take their losses above £300million over the current three-year cycle” but certain discounts are likely to keep the club within FFP limits.

The Daily Mail claims that the Toffees have volunteered to share financial information with the Premier League in order to avoid any rule-breaking, however, their “financial position remains perilous”.

Relegation from the Premier League would obviously make things far worse and that “would almost certainly result in a fire-sale of players to keep them going as most of [Frank] Lampard’s squad do not have relegation clauses in their contract”.

Everton might be able to avoid overspending on Financial Fair Play but doing that in the Championship is likely to be really, really difficult unless players are not sold.

The failure to not add relegation wage drop clauses in players’ contracts is a bit of an oversight in hindsight.

Would players like Richarlison, Abdoulaye Doucoure and Dele Alli agreed to have joined us if we inserted relegation wage drop clauses in their contracts? They’d probably be worried by that or laugh at it.

Adding in those clauses is an admission that you could get relegated and for Everton, it’s unthinkable.

However, the dire situation that Farhad Moshiri has led us into is one that means it’s a massive error to have not included those clauses.

And if we do go down – and it does look very possible – players will have to be sold in their scores in order to keep the club financial afloat.

For those who don’t get sold, they could be earning mega sums of money in the Championship.

It doesn’t look great and the accounts that will be published in the next couple of weeks are likely to make for grim reading.