Ex-West Ham striker Frank McAvennie spoke to WestHamZone ahead of home game against Brighton. Pundit expressed the opinion that Scamacca must start today.

The season start was, no exaggeration, lacklustre for the Hammers. Not only we did not manage to secure a single point, but also did not net a single goal. Together with injuries of defenders and weak attacking potential David Moyes has a tough puzzle to solve today.

Here what McAvennie believes Moyes must do:

“I would give Scamacca a run because Antonio’s not doing it,” he told West Ham Zone.

“As I say, competition is everything. Leave him out, put Scamacca up front, give him a couple of games and let Antonio watch and fight.

“And hopefully when he comes out, I was watching him [on Sunday] and his body… he was holding people off but at the end of last year he’d have shrugged off a challenge and run away with the ball.

“Sunday he was shouting ‘ref’ and shouting at the referee and I’m thinking, ‘that’s not you, you’re better than that.’

“Get away with the ball and if he holds you back it’s a foul. But he was shouting at the referee and the ref was saying play on.”